Welcome to the Animal Gifts 4 U Blog, if you are a returning customer you may notice our website has had a revamp. It’s all very exciting as I have new ideas for products all the time so if this is your first time here be sure to check back.

My name is Amelia Florence, I own Animal Gifts 4 U and have done since I was 16, now over the years I have been under the guidance of my mum Karen, together we make the business work and I am so excited to launch this website and blog as it’s really brought out my creative side again. As you may or may not know I design the products under the brand “amelia florence”, which is mainly gift wrap. Two of my favourite things are animals and giving gifts, now my best idea of a gift is unique and quirky, which is how I came up with my gift wrap – none of this was planned it all just came together, if you’re interested in learning how I got into design please look out for the next blog post. 

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Happy Shopping, 

Amelia Florence